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Lauderhill woman gives new look to cancer fighters
A cancer survivor's organization aims to help others with the disease by offering plenty of emotional support and free wigs to those going through chemotherapy.


Special to The Miami Herald

When Linda Cavo underwent chemotherapy last year, she would look in the mirror but could not recognize the person staring back at her.

''I looked like death. I was very white, like an alien,'' she said. ``You feel the life coming out of you.''

That round of chemo and radiation marked the second time Linda, of Lauderhill,had cancer. The first time, three years ago, she was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer.

When the cancer came back in November 2006 as stage four lung cancer, she was determined to beat it again, and she did -- despite the long odds.

As a result of her experience, Linda started an organization called Cancer Canceled Crusades. She offers lots of emotional support for those with cancer, and she provides free wigs to people going through chemotherapy.

''A crusader is a fighter, and all cancer patients have to be fighters to get to a victory,'' she said. ``I am mad with the word cancer. I hate it. People need to know it is not a death sentence.''

Linda collects wigs from shops such as Iman Beauty Supply in Sunrise and gives them to places that can use them, such as Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Mahmoud Hamdan, owner of Iman Beauty Supply, said he wanted to support a good cause and he knew Linda would be giving the hair pieces to those in need.

''I have a sister in Jordan with cancer and my mom has cancer,'' Hamdan said. ``Sometimes it's not about money. It is making sure that others have a smile on their face.''

Since her first bout with cancer, Linda said she has given away hundreds of wigs. She currently has 50 to 60 available.

''I have every single color, even the modern colors for the 20-year-olds,'' she said.

Linda travels the country speaking at churches and various organisations offering support to victims of cancer.

She is planning to expand the Cancer Canceled Crusades with the creation of the Cancel Cancer Happy Birthday Club, an idea that started with support from Frank and Patties, a restaurant in Sunrise.

Linda said the club plans to host birthday parties for cancer patients at the restaurant.

''I think anything a fighter of cancer can do to lift their sprits is a plus,'' said Marshall Horner, co-owner of Frank and Patties. ``My mom passed away from breast cancer, so it's something important in our family.''

Linda said her mission is to help as many people as possible, and her own fight with the disease has made that possible.

''The positive attitude and strength will get you through,'' she said.

For information about Linda's organization, email: or contact (954)548-9896



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